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M-Pow-R Pushbutton Power Fishing Reel and Rod Kit M-Pow-R Pushbutton Power Fishing Reel and Rod Kit

The combo features a battery operated, motorized spinning reel, paired with an extended butt, medium action spinning rod which offers additional leverage and fits easily into any standard rod holder.

The entire package consists of the rod and reel, a fanny pack battery, and a pulse width modulated speed control, which provides optimum torque throughout the motor’s power band. Anglers operate the reel with a thumb-actuated button located on the rod grip just above the reel. A backup reel handle and a power point adapter plug are also included.

M-Pow-R 2nd Gen. Reel Kit for your Rod M-Pow-R 2nd Gen. Reel Kit for your Rod

Using the latest Lithium-Ion Technology delivering High Torque in a very power dense, compact package, allowing the battery to be strapped to the butt of the rod! We also upgraded the Fishing Reel with new more durable High-Torque Gears to match the control harness and power delivery system capabilities.

Optionally add the new 2nd Gen High-Torque Speed Controller which offers true pulse width modulation technology to maintain maximum possible torque even at slower speeds.

M-Pow-R One-Handed QuickStart Bundle M-Pow-R One-Handed QuickStart Bundle

MPOWR One-Handed QuickStart Bundle - Your Ready-to-Fish out of the Box with Accessible Lithium-Ion Fishing Reel and Rod Pre-Rigged with Tackle. Fully contained all on the rod making it very portable and easy to switch between different rods pre-rigged for different fishing conditions. No extra wires to tangle or trip over running to a big battery sitting in the bottom of your boat.While more than 300 fish have been landed on a single battery charge over 3 days without the battery going dead. You never want to be caught having forgotten to charge up your battery, or your battery was accidentally dropped in the water when launching... Consider an Additional Extra Battery for tournaments, backwoods trips with more than two days of extended fishing, etc.