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TY-All Knot Tier TY-All Knot Tier

This device ties knots that hold. Quality knots save lures, fish and time. Useful for anyone and a must for one-handed fishing. Aids fishermen in threading hooks, tying knots, and cutting line. The Ty-All comes
with mounting bolt and wing nut, line cutter and threader, and instruction book which illustrates knot tying.

Strong Arm Rod Holder Strong Arm Rod Holder

The Strong Arm is a versatile fishing rod holder. This is an excellent product for anyone with limited or no grip. With this rod holder even lower level quadriplegics can cast by themselves.

Adalap Base Unit Adalap Base Unit

Solutions For An Active Lifestyle

This patented system begins with the (ADA01) Base Unit (you must order this first and at least one option). It comes with the Base and Pole with a Top Plate with Velcro Loop. It does not include the Lap Tray shown in main photo. Made from lightweight anodized aluminum alloy with stainless steel fasteners. Easy height adjustment with a quick release clamp. Adjusts to fit all users.

Very versatile, many different uses. The ADALAP slides right under the seat cushion. The lightweight anodized aluminum base is very durable and easy to use. No nuts or bolts, just sturdy, adjustable convenience. The ADALAP base won't rust so it can be used while out in the rain.

Universal Design to Get You Going! Add a lap desk, shopping basket, fishing rod, umbrella, camera or whatever you choose. The ADALAP simply slides under your wheelchair cushion.

Lend-A-Hand Universal Assist Devise Lend-A-Hand Universal Assist Devise

What is Lend-A-Hand®? Lend-A-Hand® is the first and only universal assistive device. It has been developed by Even Par Enterprises, Inc., to help the physically challenged and able-bodied individual. It helps provide additional arm support, leverage and strength while raking, painting and other day to day activities.

Lend-A-Hand® is a patented assistive device. Lend-A-Hand® increases mobility, while decreasing the strain on the individual’s shoulders, arms, back and legs. Lend-A-Hand® helps people play golf, wash cars, paint, rake, sweep and wash floors, go fishing and endless other activities and Duties.

ADA-Lap Extension Pole ADA-Lap Extension Pole

The ADA-Lap Extension Pole comes in two lengths: 12" or 18" Tube Product #'s ADA PL-12, ADA PL-18

When order the ADA-Lap Camera Mount, either Fishing Pole Holder, the Angle Adaptor, Umbrella or the Umbrella Connector you must also order an Extension Pole.

ADA-Lap 18 Inch Extension Pole ADA-Lap 18 Inch Extension Pole

Available in either 12 inch (30cm) or 18 inch (45 cm) lengths, Extension Poles have an insert for camera mounts/tripods, umbrella holders, angle adapters as well as fishing rod holders.

Simply slide the Base Unit's vertical attachment pole out and replace it with the Extension Pole.

ADA-Lap Salt Water Fishing Pole Holder ADA-Lap Salt Water Fishing Pole Holder

Go fishing with this great rod holder!  The rod holder plugs into the extension tube of the ADA Lap Base.

For use with an Extension Pole.

ADA-Lap Fresh Water Fishing Pole Holder ADA-Lap Fresh Water Fishing Pole Holder

Go fishing with this great rod holder!  The rod holder plugs into the extension tube of the ADA Lap Base.

For use with an Extension Pole.

New Elec-Tra-Mate 452PTH Power Unit 452PTH Power Drive for Penn Spinning Reel

Note: Reel, power unit (motor) and battery pack sold separately! The photo shows the 452-PTH with the reel and Battery Pack.

The 452-PTH has been designed to enable individuals who are physically challenged to enjoy the sport of fishing without assistance. Engineering know how and fishing experience used developing offshore fishing products has been applied to the design and development of the most powerful drive ever put on a spinning reel. The 452-PTH, unlike other electric spinning reels which leave the angler discouraged at not having enough power to land pan fish, the 452-PTH has the power to easily overcome salmon, largemouth bass, small mouth bass, brim, crappie and other freshwater species without the need to "assist" the motor by cranking.

The competition sells power reels that might stalls out at 2 pounds or less. They are only designed to bring in the slack when you fight the fish with the rod. You can forget pier fishing because a 3-pound fish will be too heavy for the motor to pull up. The 452PTH can bring up at least 10 pounds.

Action Life Gloves Action Life Gloves

After over 25-years this glove is being discontinued. There are only a small number of these gloves left. (There are no more Lefts) Call or email before ordering.

This double tunnel loop glove features two loop straps. The smaller inside the palm Velcro strap enables you to grip objects such as pool cues, ping-pong paddles, fishing rods, brushes, etc. The larger strap, when run through the single palmer loop, forms a closed fist which enables you to exercise on machines such as the Hydra Fitness and Universal Gym, free weights, etc. X-Large & X- Small might take longer.

Sizes: wrist joint area for a Medium fit is approximately 7"-8" in circumference. Other sizes are smaller or larger by 1". Wrist supports included. Sold individually. Available in Left Or Right, Sizes: X-Small - X-Large. The wrist supports can be removed if you find them uncomfortable. When using this glove to hold a dumbbell, it is important to tighten the smaller palm side Velcro strap around the dumbbell first or it will flop back and forth. Sold by each glove, not as a pair.

Universak Kayak Stabilizer Bars

Retractable Kayak Stabilizer Outriggers -These Stabilizers fold up and out of your way when not in use.

• These outriggers / stabilizers easily attach to your kayak making it extremely stable.
• Easily assembles in 2 minutes.
• Excellent for Fisherman, Seniors and Children.
• The Stabilizer arm holders attach to each side of your kayak allowing you to fold the stabilizers up and out of your way when not in
• It can be used on any Sit -on -top or Sit- In kayak made today.
• Easily disassembled to stow in virtually any kayak hatch.
• Lightweight and rugged, all stainless steel and marine aluminum construction.
• The floats are made of a high density plastic foam filled shell making them very lightweight, durable and super buoyant!!
• The same floats are used by commercial fisherman and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Our Price: $179.00