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X8 Extreme 4X4 Power All-Terrain Wheelchair
X8 Extreme 4X4 Power All-Terrain Power Wheelchair
X8 Extreme 4X4 Power All-Terrain Wheelchair. You Must First add 4x4 to cart for lower price. You can always change your mind after you see final price.

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Retail Price: $15,530.00
Our Price: $11,647.50

: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: EX4X4

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Joystick Options

Custom Mount call for quote

DX2 Color LED Display Joystick [Add $206.00]

DX2 No Charge Master Joystick

Swing Away Joystick Left [Add $360.00]

Swing Away Joystick Right [Add $360.00]
Enviromental Controls

Joystick Side

Armrest Options

3" x 12" Desk Length Leatherette N/C (Pair)

4" x 16" Tapered Leatherette (Pair) [Add $37.50]

Flip-Up Armrest (Pair) [Add $424.00]

Parallelogram Flip-Up Armrest (Pair used w/ MPS seat only) [Add $459.00]

Trough Style Armrest Left Side (each) [Add $123.00]

Trough Style Armrest Right Side (each) [Add $123.00]
Reverse Directional Steering Lock

Directional Lock (used to reverse in straight line) [Add $962.00]
Seat Positioning Straps

Airline Buckle Seat Pos. Strap [Add $90.00]

BODYPOINT Evoflex Pelvic Stabilizer L And Mounting Bracket Kit [Add $107.00]
Positioning Options

BODYPOINT Stayflex, Narrow Front-Pull L without Zipper [Add $124.00]

Chest Strap BODYPOINT Monoflex, Rear-Pull M [Add $82.00]

Hip Guides [Add $225.00]

Knee Adductors [Add $262.00]

Knee Adductors [Add $262.00]

Loop Style Pos. Chest Strap [Add $78.00]

Moldable Headrest Pad (provide Length & Width in Inches) [Add $355.00]

Moldable Headrest Pad (You must provide Width & Length) [Add $375.00]

Padded Butterfly Pos. Chest Strap [Add $82.00]
Seat Positioning Straps

Push Button Style Seat Pos. Strap - 64"

Push Button Style Seat Pos. Strap - 80"
Positioning Options

Thoracic Lateral Support Left [Add $133.00]

Thoracic Lateral Support Right [Add $134.00]

Velcro Wrist Straps [Add $76.00]
Seating System

MPS Seat Back & Flat Pan for users Own Cushion(No charge if ordered w/ Power Tilt or Recline)

MPS Seat Back & Seat Cushion

Rehab Seat Frame
Seating System Power Upgrades

Reduced Drive Capability Tilt-In-Space so you can drive while tilted. [Add $525.00]

Reduced Driving Capability so you can drive W/Seat Elevator up [Add $525.00]

X8 12" Seat Elevator* - 300 lb. Capacity [Add $3,371.00]

X8 50 Degree Power Tilt-In-Space* [Add $3,746.00]

X8 MPS Seating System w/ 135 Degree Power Recline* [Add $2,621.00]

X8 MPS Seating System or Rehab Seating w/ No Tilt [Add $2,085.00]

X8 Power Elevating Articulating Leg Rest - Center Mount* [Add $2,868.00]

X8 Power Elevating Leg Rest* - Side Mount Combined [Add $2,825.00]

X8 Power Elevating Leg Rest* - Side Mount Combined [Add $2,118.00]

X8 Rehab Seating System w/ 135 Degree Integrated Shear Reduction (ISR) Power Recline* [Add $3,726.00]
Seating System Electrical Upgrades

Multiple Seat Function Control Kit - Function through: Joystick [Add $2,010.00]

Single Seat Function Control Kit - Function through: Joystick [Add $1,023.00]

Separate Toggle to Operate Multiple Seat Function [Add $450.00]

Separate Toggle to Operate Single Seat Function [Add $450.00]
Seat Sizes

MPS Seat Back Options

4" Extra Tall Seat Back [Add $296.00]

4" Extra Tall Seat Back- All Vinyl [Add $296.00]

All Vinyl Seat Back [Add $146.00]

Standard MPS Seat Back No Charge
Fill in Seat Cushion Size Width x Length

Rehab Seat Back Options

ACTA - Back - with moldable center section and high resiliency wings [Add $480.00]
Rehab Seat Options

Curve Cushion - Molded foam w/ medial & lateral thigh supports [Add $65.00]

Elements Cushion - Single layer foam with quadra gel pack [Add $65.00]

M2 Cushion - Quadra gel with pelvic, lateral & medial thigh supports [Add $229.00]
Rehab Seat Back Options

Radius Back - with high resiliency foam [Add $477.00]

Visco Back - with high resiliency foam [Add $434.00]
Rehab Seat Back Heights


Armrest Bag [Add $21.00]

Articulating Oxygen Holder [Add $599.00]

Pair of Batteries (Group 24 Gel Cell) Installed [Add $414.00]

Cane Holder [Add $162.00]

Clear Polycarb Table [Add $393.00]

Cup Holder [Add $80.00]

Deluxe Backpack [Add $49.00]

Joystick Lock [Add $140.00]

Lift Gate Service (For facilities without dock) [Add $105.00]If your order is being delivered to a residence or a business without a loading dock you need to check off Lift Gate Option

Lighting System - 2 Front/2 Rear

Luggage Rack [Add $203.00]

Power Buddy [Add $95.00]

Remote Wheelchair Stopper [Add $446.00]

Reverse Alarm [Add $140.00]

Select Option

Tire Sealant in all (4) Tires [Add $44.00]

Transit Hooks (WC19 Compliant) [Add $940.00]

Water Proof Joystick Cover [Add $32.00]

Wheelchair Cover [Add $90.00]

X8 Lift Brackets [Add $288.00]

Must call 800-634-4351 to order this product  
Description Technical Specs
The X8 Extreme 4x4 wheelchair is the next generation 4x4 power chair brought to you by Innovation In Motion.  Make no mistake, it is not ordinary power wheelchair.  Terrain previously unavailable to other wheelchairs are now available to the drivers of the Extreme.  After such success with the X4 Extreme, made by Magic Mobility, the engineers collaborated to improve the Extreme even more.  The End result was a faster, stronger, smarter chair -- the X8!
Magic Mobility Wheelchairs - Extreme X8 Off-Road Power Chair
Extreme X8 Off Road Wheelchair in the Desert
X8 Extreme
We now offer our own fully integrated power seating system. This includes a 12" seat elevator, 50° tilt-in-space, non-shearing recline, and single piece power elevating leg rest. This is the lightest power seating system available on the market. It can be equipped with our MPS seat, MPS seat back with solid seat pan, or full rehab seating.

Seat sizes range from a 12'x12' to a 24"x20". Driving on sand, snow, wet ground, or even slippery surfaces presents no problems to The Extreme. This is made possible by the patented passive steering system, a breakthrough in wheelchair design. Simply, no other power wheelchair comes close to the performance of the Extreme on all terrains.

•14" Knobby Tires
• 4 Powerful 4 Pole DC Motors-one on each wheel
• Patented Passive Steering System

• Almost 1,000 Watts of Power

• Massive 75A/Hr Sealed AGM Batteries

• Climbs Curbs with ease
• 400 lb. User Capacity

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