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De-Bug Beach Wheelchair w/Fixed or No Legrest De-Bug Beach Wheelchair w/Fixed or No Legrest

The DeBug Beach Wheelchair is an ideal wheelchair for people with disabilities who want to live active lives and pursue a variety of recreational activities. The oversized wheels can operate in grass, gravel, snow, and uneven terrain, as well as at the beach. Each DeBug Beach Wheelchair has an articulated rear suspension which ensures that all four wheels are in contact with the ground at all times. The stainless steel frame is sturdy and reliable. Choose from models with a fixed (shown) or extended leg rest to suit the needs of different patients. Supports 350-600 pounds.

De-Bug Beach Wheelchair w/Extending Legrest De-Bug Beach Wheelchair w/Extending Legrest

When Mike Deming set out to design the best outdoor chair, it was his wife, Karen that he had in mind. In 1990, eight months after they were married, a car accident left Karen a quadripalegic. Mike was determined to see that Karen enjoyed past activities. His love of Karen and her special seating requirements led to the finished prototype in 1994. De-Bug has come a long way since then. You can rest easy because the Demings are users of the De-Bug chairs. All of the details have been thought out. From the De-Bug’s easy fit through a 36" doorway, to the maneuverability provided by castering rear wheels, this product is a winner for all users!

The De-Bug’s unique, patented design provides a comfortable ride. Your body is properly supported in this chair. De-Bug turns easily and quickly while users sit at a comfortable tilt angle which may be adjusted. Our De-Bug chairs may be scaled to fit any sized individual and most every type of seating requirement may be accommodated. Just call.
Ultimate Stability - Feel safe & secure
De-Bug’s articulating rear suspension allows all four wheels to remain in contact with the ground when going across uneven terrain, making De-Bug more stable than fixed wheeled chairs. This helps to improve ride stability and makes going anywhere more comfortable.

• De-Bug frame is constructed using #316L Stainless Steel tubing which is a higher grade than standard “#304 marine grade” stainless.
• Attractive combination of Polished Stainless tubing and Navy seating. Weight capacity 350 pounds standard, weight capacities up to 600 pounds can be accommodated for a nominal fee.
• Casters - rear wheels rotate 360 degrees . Wheel hubs are made from poly-nylon material to eliminate salt water corrosion.
• The rear suspension also articulates +/- ~20 degrees, allowing all four wheels to remain in contact with the ground when going across uneven terrain, making it much more stable than standard outdoor wheelchairs.
• Swing away arm rests are also easily removable for Lateral transfers.
• Footrest-Has Linear position telescopic length adjustment and four position angle adjustment. This model De-Bug also has a footrest for proper foot support.
• Wheel Lock - Adjustable tension wheel brake can be actuated independently on each side, uses all #316L stainless steel hardware.
• Chair width is ~33.5 inches to access a 36 inch doorway and is ~27 inches wide with the optional interchangeable pool wheels.
• Chair design is patented in the U.S. #380,991 and registered with agencies, and insurance companies.

ATR Floating Beach Wheelchair

The ATR Beach Chair is a high quality aluminum beach chair mounted on wheels and is intended as a nice and comfortable way to play, relax and sun bathe on the beach and in the water.

The ATR Beach Chair was designed with everyone in mind. From wheelchair users, people with special needs, or even children .... everyone can benefit from the convenience, portability and comfort of ATR Beach Chair.

Beach wheelchair users love the ATR Beach Chair. If you are looking for a way to increase the fun for you and your family at the beach or in the swimming pool, look no further. ATR Beach Chair is the ultimate partner for leisure time and entertainment. The aluminum frame and stainless parts are corrosion free from saltwater. The beach wheelchair also provides an unprecedented experience by its stable buoyant design. It is suitable to use at the beach or in swimming pools; the ATR Beach Chair is designed for disabled and non-disabled users alike. You may easily get closer to nature now; sand,snow grass and dirt can no longer stop you from enjoying what the outdoors has to offer.

Comfort is what you will feel while using the ATR Beach Chair. The rubber pneumatic tires absorb the shock and discomfort caused by the rugged terrain, and it provides easy mobility through sand.

Maneuverability: The ATR Beach Chair makes transition from a wheelchair to beach chair relatively effortless. The rounded edges on the ATR Beach Chair eliminate any risk of injury or discomfort.

Float-ability: The armrests and wheels are comprised of floatation materials that enable balance while bathing in the water. The integrated handles on the armrests provide added stability while enjoying the ride on land or in the water. The ATR Beach Chair improves vehicular and personal mobility vehicular across terrain such as sand, grass, snow, and dirt.

Convenience: Transportation and storage is convenient too. You may quickly assemble /disassemble ATR Beach Chair by operating the quick release pins and joints without tools. It can easily fit into any vehicle.

Aesthetics: The ATR Beach Chair is physically and visually pleasing due to its quality and appearance. Users are able to recline in a comfortable position while riding, bathing or sitting for extended periods. The attractive fabric is non-allergenic, UV resistant, water resistant and ventilated for quick drying.

Top End Crossfire All-Terrain Wheelchair Top End Crossfire All-Terrain Wheelchair

The New Invacare Top End Cross Crossfire All Terrain, the monster truck
of wheelchairs that is designed to leave some serious tracks. It
features a lightweight and strong aluminum frame. With the 25” x 2.75”
knobby wheels and huge 8-inch casters, the Crossfire All Terrain
provides extreme traction. With its large ground clearance, and forward
and side-to-side stability the Crossfire All Terrain is ideal for an
active outdoor adventurer. Available with taller backrest for stability.

Hippocampe Wheelchair W/ Push Bar Hippocampe Wheelchair W/ Push Bar

Free Shipping with the 48 United States! A revolutionary and innovative concept for this new wheelchair called “Hippocampe”. The Hippocampe makes holidays, sea, outdoor leisure activities accessible to handicapped people. It can be used alone or with assistance, thanks to its ergonomic push bar. It goes everywhere. It rides across sand and accompanies you in your sea bathing as it floats. This sporty looking wheelchair will be your partner for all your outdoor activities.

Designed by a paramedical staff, tested by people with restricted mobility, the Hippocampe fits into everyone particular requirements and expectations. Trust it! The Hippocampe meets all strength, durability and safety criteria. The sturdy, light weight yet solid construction will keep you secure as you pursue your outdoor hobbies Let’s imagine you are on a beach, with the Hippocampe, you ride across the sand, clear all the obstacles and enter the water. The wheelchair Hippocampe floats while you are having a swim.