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Magnum Deadshot Field Pod Gun Tripod, Gun not included shown only for demonstration purposes Magnum Deadshot Field Pod Gun Tripod

The Caldwell Magnum DeadShot FieldPod improves upon the original DeadShot FieldPod, which was the first true "Hunting Rest" on the market. The Magnum FieldPod brings the same stability and accuracy you get from a benchrest to the field. With a maximum deployed height of over 60 inches it can be used from a standing position. The Magnum DeadShot FieldPod also works superbly from a sitting position directly on the ground or from a chair. It can even be used in a prone position with the legs spread to a wide base position.

The Dual-Framed upper legs and oversized extrusion profile of the lower legs lock rigidly with a quick cam lever. Independent angle adjustment of the legs and spiked foot inserts ensure a solid grip on any terrain. An integrated bubble level in the aluminum hub allows rest to be precisely leveled. Ultra smooth rotation and tilt adjustment allow fast and precise target acquisition. At approximately 13 pounds and collapsed to 30" the Magnum FieldPod remains highly portable for easy transport. Carry strap included. The Magnum DeadShot FieldPod is perfect for taking young hunters out in the field, and improves their success rate. Pick up your Magnum DeadShot FieldPod today for your next hunt.
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High Quad Gun Mount High Quad Gun Mount

HQ100 is a high quad unit designed for use by people with no arm or hand use. This Gun Mount designed for individuals with no hand or arm movement. This model can be operated completely with your mouth and chin. The HQ100 comes standard with a power trigger to fire the weapon. This is operated by a very slight suction on the blue tube in the picture. Windage and elevation are controlled by the joystick that can be operated by your chin. 
The selectable speed controls on the windage and elevation allow you to set the speed that is most comfortable for you.

The simplicity of the HQ100 allows it to operate all pistols, crossbows, rifles, and shotguns. The HQ100 comes standard with a recoil compensation mechanism to help absorb the recoil of the weapon being fired. The equipment operates on 12 volt DC power and comes with a pigtail that can be attached to one of the batteries in your chair. To install the HQ100 on your chair, it is as simple as placing the mounting plate with receiver tube under your cushion before being transferred into the chair. Once you are in the chair, simply set the equipment in the receiver tube located between your legs. The design of the mounting plate allows the equipment to be used with almost any brand of wheelchair. If for some reason the mounting plate will not work in your situation, we will gladly work with you to design something that will.

The mount comes complete with necessary hardware to mount to the chair. One portion of the mount stays on the chair so that it only takes less than a minute to install when you are ready to use it. Change the weapon is also quick and simple. The trigger mechanism is fully adjustable up and down, back and forth. Free unlimited tech support. The shooting rest has a recoil compensation to absorb some of the shock from firing a large caliber gun for maximum comfort, safety and accuracy. Ground Shipping Only! is $68.00 shipping and is for continental US only, if you need it shipped somewhere else, contact us for a shipping quote.