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Limited Mobility Can’t Stop You from Hunting

Losing your mobility doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence. Our all-terrain wheelchairs enable you to actively participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hunting. Don’t give up on your favorite hunting sports because you lost your mobility. Stay active with Access TR’s all-terrain wheelchairs... Read More

All-terrain Power Wheelchairs

All terrain power wheelchairs can give you the wonderful freedom to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you decide that you want to cruise around on a sandy beach or you choose an off-road trail, these all terrain models can help you achieve an active lifestyle. All-terrain wheelchairs can take you just about anywhere you want to go with ease... Read More

Unleash Your Inner Animal With The X8 Extreme 4×4 Wheelchair

What wins in this situation – the immoveable object or the unstoppable force? All will become clear in a moment (btw- it’s the unstoppable force). Every once in a while an innovation comes along that is simply astounding. Seemingly influenced by science fiction, off-road and military vehicles, this is one wheelchair that can surmount almost anything that comes in it’s path... Read More

Find the Most Innovative Recreational Equipment for the Physically Challenged - with Access TR

With 40 years of experience in a wheelchair and over 3 decades of experience selling adaptive equipment - Access to Recreation is the leading provider of adaptive equipment for the physically challenged and our rapidly aging population... Read More